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Privacy Policy
1. Definition of personal information

Personal information in the context of our Privacy Policy refers to information that identifies a specific living individual according to the Personal Information Protection Law, through data including name, date of birth, address, phone number, and other descriptive information.

2. Usage of personal information

Personal information that is supplied to us by the customer shall be used for business transactions with the customer, as well as for response to inquiries and the sending of email and other materials.

Personal information entered by the customer at the time of ordering a health food product shall be provided to our business partners to the extent necessary for acceptance of applications, delivery of ordered goods, as well as for fulfilling other contractual obligations etc. The information shall also be used to make requests for payment / settlement and to provide various information about products and services offered by our company.

3. Prohibition of personal information disclosure to third parties

Except for the cases listed below, personal information shall not be disclosed or otherwise made available to third parties.

The customer has explicitly agreed to the disclosure

  • Disclosure to business partners for the purpose of performing services requested by the customer
  • Disclosure based on legal or regulatory enforcement requirements
4. Management of personal information

Personal information that is supplied to us by the customer shall not be altered or modified except as requested by the customer.

5. Identity check

When a customer requests the disclosure, modification, or deletion of his or her personal information, a check to establish the identity of the customer shall be carried out.

6. Disclaimer

The use of this website shall be at the customer's discretion. We assume no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of various information acquired from this website and other websites for which links are present on this website. There is no guarantee that this website is free of harmful elements such as viruses, and that there is no illegal access from a third party, other any safety guarantees.

7. Privacy Policy update

Any changes or updates to our Privacy Policy shall be published on this website. Please check this website regularly for updates.

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